About You

Most websites have an ABOUT US page (and you’ll certainly find info about the site owners on this webpage as well), but I think more importantly websites should contain an ABOUT YOU page. Information about the kinds of people who will get the most value out of the content shared on the website.

This is the Media Rep Revolution ABOUT YOU page

If you wish to receive the most value from the content and ideas you’ll find on this website, here are a few things that should be true about you.

You are working specifically in the field of Media or Media Sales.

All the content on this site is going to be focused on the Media industry, so unless your interest lies in that targeted area, you may be better off looking elsewhere for inspiration related to your own career.

You’re excited about Change and the opportunity it brings

One of the things hurting the Media industry so much these days is their reluctance to embrace Change (capital”C”). Their industry is (and has been) in a state of flux and reinvention for the past 10 years (maybe more), yet when faced with challenges that could (should!) be viewed as opportunities, they retreat to their comfort zone where they can rationalize their fears and curl up with their past successes of selling spots, relying on ratings, and competing on price. As a soldier in the Media Rep Revolution you’ve seen all these same challenges as well, but you’re thirsty for a opportunity to make history not dwell on it.

You have patience

You know that change happens over time, not overnight. You understand the value of taking one small step in the right direction today, and another one tomorrow (and another one the day after). If you string enough single steps together in a row, you’ll have such a lead on the person who tries to start off running at full-speed tomorrow, that they will never catch up to you.

You are an eternal student and invest in yourself

You are in a constant mode of discovery. You seek out and soak up new knowledge and ideas like a sponge. You’re a reader. You invest in new books and courses and tools to add information and skills to your experience.

You understand Attitude = Success

If you asked a room full of people how important Attitude is to their success, I’d bet almost all of them would agree that it was THE most important thing to achieving success both in their business and personal lives. But I’d also bet less than 1% of them have ever read a book on Attitude, and even fewer have read one in the last year, and none of them have taken a college course on positive attitude (because there aren’t any.) But YOU know attitude is so important to your success that you have a daily regimen to maintain your positive attitude. You study attitude like it was an S.A.T. exam and you get the top scores every time. You may even have a personal attitude coach (remind me to tell you about mine sometime).

You have a mind open to new ideas

Ever heard the phrase “what got you here won’t get you there”? It does a good job of summarizing the concept that what you did to achieve success today may not help you to hold on to your current success (or capture future glory.) You understand this, and as a result your mind is open to input and ideas from everywhere. Your radar is always up for new and better ways of delivering value and results to your clients.

You enjoy a good fight

You relish an invigorating swim upstream. You’re a risk-taker and don’t mind when the odds are against you. When you have belief and know what you are doing is right, you don’t mind playing the role of David vs. that of Goliath. You can ignore the nay-sayers, status quo squawkers, and voices of dissent — even when those voices may be your co-workers (even when those voices may be your boss.) What you’re attempting may not even work, but you know it’s the right thing to do and it’s better than continuing to do the same thing over and over again and continue getting the same (poor) results.

You are an Action Hero

You don’t just absorb information — you implement it. You know that ideas written down in a journal are worthless unless you combine them with the action required to make them a reality.

You are ready to start.
Right here.
Right now.

Welcome to the Media Rep Revolution.