This page features tools you can use to improve your sales development and personal development.

These are all products and services specially selected to help you make selling easier and more fun, to create a strong and influential personal brand, and to aid you in building loyalty and rapport with your clients and prospects.

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Recommended Resources

Versatile one-to-one or one-to-several sales-minded email marketing tool. This is not a replacement for more formal large list-based email marketing executed with tools like  MailChimp or MailerLite — but it’s an excellent way to market to individuals or small groups of people you’d normally CC or BCC on communications. Perfect for sending individual follow-up emails after a face-to-face meeting, personal confirmation messages, sending a note to the group of folks you met at the last Chamber of Commerce meeting, etc.

Your media company may have it’s own email marketing software, but chances are it is focused on campaigns for your media properties audience — not your advertising customers. And even if they do use it to market to your advertising clients, it’s going to be a “bulk” message to all the advertisers. No one is going to show special attention to your client list. In addition, if you ever decide to leave your current place of employment the company certainly isn’t going to acknowledge your departure or send a forwarding address to anyone on your client list, they will simply assign them to the dude in the cubicle next to you! That’s why it’s so important to build relationships with clients separate and apart from the corporate messaging. MailerLite is one of the easiest email marketing tools I’ve seen. You can create segmented lists (which means you can just email to all your restaurant clients or all your car dealers or deliver different messages to your real estate advertisers vs. your healthcare clients.) They also have auto-responders so you can send a pre-scheduled  series of emails (like a series of tips for getting the best results from your media). MailerLite has a sliding rate scale and charge a small monthly fee based on your total list size. They even have free level to help you get started!

Tiny Reminder
Tired of having to email your advertising clients for their latest ad copy, artwork, or (ugh!) continually bug them to pay-up on that last invoice?? Now you can use Tiny Reminder to send email messages however often you prefer until you reach a specific deadline (like the last day to sign-up for an event sponsorship) or until they respond and take action (like sending you the last copy points for their ad or a check on the past due invoice!) The basic plan starts at just $12/month which allows you to email up to 25 recipients and accept file uploads for those scripts and art files (you waste more than $12 of your time chasing all these people down during the day!) — but there is even a “free forever” plan which allows you to schedule Tiny Reminders for up to three recipients at no cost. Ever.