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For this newly launched project, it was important to very specifically define who would get the most value from the content on Media Rep Revolution.

This site is devoted to the success of individual media advertising sales professionals in the fields of Radio, Television, Newspaper, and Digital. The content isn’t especially designed for the media companies employing these sales reps, rather it is intended to improve the individual careers of the reps themselves. With a mission so clearly delineated as this (and so clearly not intended for just anyone), we thought it was important to include a page which profiled the ideal personality traits of anyone considering membership in the Media Rep Revolution.

Enter, the About You page.

Traditional media continues to lose an ever increasing share of their annual revenues to digital advertising. The Media Rep Revolution extols a process and philosophy by which traditional media companies can recapture more than their fair share of those dollars.

I once worked within a consulting company that felt by helping the media properties earn more, it could also help the media reps earn more — but that wasn’t always the case. Especially when the media companies failed to properly train their sales reps or help them understand the new reality of media sales (usually because they didn’t understand it themselves) and in some cases mandate actions from the sales team in direct opposition to the advice and guidance they hired our consulting company to provide! All the while, sales managers continue to increase sales budgets without any clue as to how their reps are going to meet those budgets in the face of shrinking audiences, increasing competition, and the rise of automated commodity-based programmatic ad buying.

The media company’s goals are not always the goals of the media rep’s (nor should they be in every instance) but, it’s more important than ever that the media sales reps themselves take control of their own professional careers and personal brands and begin to elevate themselves and their careers beyond any individual media company brands for whom they currently work. They (you!) need to break out of the box of commodity pricing you’ve been forced into and earn the position of a trusted, consultative, marketing advisor.

You need to quit relying on advertising agencies and bargain-hunting media buyers to bring up an ever shrinking amount of price-oriented business to bid on.

You need to stop solely relying on monitoring your competition or combing through market spending reports to identify new clients (that money is already gone!)

Media sales professional need new techniques for business prospecting and for reaching and influencing decision-makers.

You need creative ideas for pitching marketing campaigns to clients who’ve never considered media advertising before, and have the ability to create a whole new budget based on the ideas you bring them.

You need to know how to craft and deliver a proposal designed to earn agreement  and win authorization to move forward in the buying process.

And you need to market and brand yourself just as you would for any company who advertises with you — complete with an overt Call-To-Action built right into your personal marketing campaign.

This new approach is the entire reason for the launch of the Media Rep Revolution and why it was so important to share with which of you will receive the most value from the content on this website — so that you can decide for yourself how to best invest your personal time and resources in order to achieve your own success.

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